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Why Our Clients Love Transfluent for Zendesk

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Seamless integration into Zendesk

Activating the app is as straightforward as clicking ‘Install’ from inside the Zendesk app marketplace. There are no tricky settings to input or complicated features to master.

The translation option automatically becomes a part of the familiar Zendesk ticket environment. Customer support teams can easily communicate with global customers without switching to another section or changing windows.

The ticket is translated to English automatically when it arrives in the Zendesk workspace. Your support agent can write their reply in English and send it, where it will be instantly translated back to the customer’s language before delivery. Alternatively, they can choose to review the translation before the message is sent.


Instant, High-Quality Translations

With the help of machine translation, customers and customer support staff can communicate almost in real-time. Transfluent’s Zendesk translation app offers translation services at close to human quality but faster.

Your installation can also be customized with your company’s glossary of words and phrases that you want to be translated in a specific way or use a particular form or tone of voice in a language.


AI Learning For Continual Customized Improvement

Transfluent for Zendesk uses AI to learn from your replies, improving the translations it produces on an ongoing basis to even better match your tone and style.

These refinements mean you can be confident your messaging is consistent across all the 77 supported languages, reinforcing your brand and delivering the same service to all your clients worldwide.

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Transparent Low Pricing

You only pay for outgoing translated messages, at the flat rate of €3 per translated message sent.

For teams with high monthly ticket translation needs, get in touch with our sales team for a customized quote.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our satisfied customers speak for themselves. Read about their experience with Transfluent for Zendesk’s customer support ticket translations:

  • “The biggest benefit of Transfluent for Zendesk was allowing our current resources to serve an international customer base. The app lets us serve customers in their own language during the early stage of entering a market.”
    Tarja Karjalainen
    Localization Program Manager
  • “We needed to make sure the quality of translations was very close to 100%. We were surprised! The quality was even better than we expected, and we were able to move forward faster than we thought.”
    Jonas Nordberg
    Support Manager
  • “This is extremely quick, cost effective and easy to use for our agents. Quality of the translations are also very good. Transfluent also has a great customer success team that ensures you are well looked after as a client!”
    Kristin Bouveng
    Director of Client Services EMEA/US

How The Zendesk Translation App Works

In today’s global economy, businesses need to communicate with customers who speak different languages. Transfluent’s Zendesk app makes this an easy and smooth process by translating back and forth between English and your customer’s language automatically and instantly.


Receive Messages In Any Of 77 Languages

Transfluent helps your customer support agent understand incoming messages with a machine translation into English, provided free of charge. This require no action from your team, the message appears in your Zendesk workspace in English automatically.


Reply Using English:

The customer support agent writes their response in English then chooses either to:
1. Send the message which will automatically be translated to the customers language with no intervention needed.
2. Choose to review the translation before sending.

With Transfluent, you can establish customer trust and offer multilingual support without hiring a team member for every language.


Features of the Zendesk translation app


Supports translation of almost 80 languages


Seamless integration into Zendesk allows customer support agents to keep working in a familiar environment without switching windows


AI translation provides instant, high-quality translations


Include your company glossary of important words or phrases to translate in a particular way


AI that learns from the messages your agents send to continue improving the translations to match the style and tone of translations to that of the company’s


Clear and affordable pricing structure where you pay a low, flat fee of €3 per outgoing translated message


Easy set-up: Just click ‘install’ from the Zendesk app marketplace

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