Engage with your customers in their native language

Receive and answer messages from customers, no matter the language 


Know how you sometimes receive a ticket from a customer in a language you don’t speak? What do you do in such cases? Find a co-worker to help? Ignore the ticket?

Introducing Transfluent for Zendesk – a great add-on for instant machine translation of all incoming tickets and seamless human-powered translation of outgoing responses to international clients! You can easily install the app from the Zendesk Marketplace . Once it is installed, you will enjoy access to professional-quality language translation built into the Zendesk user interface!

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Receive messages in virtually any language

The Zendesk app allows agents to view an instant translation of an incoming message.

Reply using your native language

Your agent can write a reply in their native language and either use machine translation or a translation by native/professional translators. Your customer will feel as if they are dealing with someone who speaks their language.


Transfluent’s solution is fully scalable. Transfluent has translators, covering over 80 languages, who are ready to translate your tickets 24 hours a day, every day of the week. On average, tickets have been translated in less than one hour and we have provided translations for more than 10 million tickets.

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Enable multilingual customer service

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The Zendesk app costs €10 / seat / month. The incoming message machine translation usage is covered by the monthly fee.

For native/professional translations, you pay for the word count translated: machine translation costs €0,015, native translations cost €0.12 per word and professional translations €0.18 per word.Ticket-based pricing available as well, ask for a quote from

We also offer the option of using a translation memory to reduce the number of newly translated words when there is repetitive content. If your agents use a paragraph that has already been translated, it will be fetched from the translation memory instead of being re-translated.

Per seat

Per Month, EUR.

Purchase Plan
  • All languages
  • Incoming message MT costs included
  • Translation costs per word or by ticket