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Game localization with expertise

Expand your target market and capture international markets with our expert localizations. Successful localization is the key to gaining better reviews and reaching a bigger target market.

We at Transfluent have been doing mobile game localizations for a decade and can provide you with an experienced translator from any target market.
What do we offer?
40+ languages

We localize games into 40+ languages for multiple platforms. Our in-game experience ranges from real-time strategy war games to educational games for children and everything in between. No matter what platform or market you are targeting, we can help you.

More than just in-game translations

In addition to localizing in-game content, we translate marketing text, descriptions for Apple Store/Google Play, and terms of service and privacy policy documents.

A dedicated team of professional gamers

We will handpick a dedicated translator team to work on your game and ensure consistent quality. Our gaming translators are not only professional translators, but also tend to be gamers with experience of the industry.


Process efficiency

We accept files in different formats, or can use Google Sheets to manage source content, whichever suits your workflow.

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